Devlog - February 24th, 2019

Alright, not much progress this past week. I made some changes to the valves after ailbec gave some feedback.

Took away the arrows so hopefully it's a bit more obvious that they're showing the direction of flow. Also made them a bit easier to reach.

I also added this contactor switch and made the pipe puzzle only check your solution when you flip it, it even poops sparks!

Oh, and I felt like the floor should be a nice grate so I did that too!

The only other changes were some modifications to grabbables to make it harder for you to push them through walls. It's not impossible but shouldn't happen by accident now!  Basically I just nerf your "grab strength" when a grabbable is colliding with another object making the grabbed thing a bit "sticky". I also made grabbed objects ignore collision with the player so you can't body-slam things through walls.

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