People always need stuff, and that stuff takes up space. How much can be done before there is no more space left?

Try and keep up with demand, but there isn’t much space to work with…


You are painting a map, tile by tile, trying to keep up with the ‘desires’ indicated by the bars in the top right.

Choose colors from the palette on the left, and once you’ve filled up every pixel you can save your tile and it will go towards fulfilling demand. Then you can click on the screen again and start painting a new tile.

If you want to take a screenshot of a map you’ve drawn you can press the H key to toggle the bars. I’d love to see screenshots of what people draw!

If you want to re-draw existing tiles you can press the F key to toggle freeplay mode, which also let’s you save partially completed tiles.

The R key will reset the game. So be careful of it!

You can also trigger the end game animation by pressing the G key, though it will only play once per game.


“Running out of space” made me think of the finite space we’ve got here on earth and how basically everything we need takes up some space and we have to balance out those things. I also really like cartography and wanted to see how much detail you could get out of very few “pixels”. I also wanted to try a kind of super minimalist theme, with basically no text or anything, not sure I pulled that off super well. My goal was for a relaxing kind of ambient game, and I do enjoy just painting in it, I hope you do as well!


Download 12 MB
Download 10 MB
ld42-macos.dmg 28 MB
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Download 9 MB

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